Tarzan Family Movie Night

Tarzan is another one of those Disney movies that isn’t nearly as popular as it should be.  With a charming cast of characters, lots of fun antics that will keep your kids in stitches, and a moving soundtrack from Phil Collins, your whole family is sure to love a Tarzan Family Movie Night.

Tarzan lives in the jungle, so that’s how you should decorate!  You can probably find great decor with the luau party supplies, or just decorate with any jungle creature toys/stuffed animals you have.  You could also put the kids to work and have them make a jungle mural on butcher paper and decorate with that.  I love it when we can combine the craft and the decor!

Bring a little bit of World Showcase to your dining room for your menu – Rose and Crown’s English Cottage Pie would be a great meal to serve for a Tarzan family movie night.  Here’s a recipe we found – but I’m pretty sure there should be peas and carrots mixed in with the beef.  Dessert might be Turk’s Baked Bananas or make frozen chocolate covered bananas (insert popsicle sticks into peeled bananas, freeze, then dip into melted chocolate, sprinkle with chopped nuts if desired).  You could also make some swinging vines – licorice strings adorned with fruit roll-ups cut into leaf shapes.

A fun game to play, during dinner or otherwise, would be a Tarzan Yelling Contest.  See who can do the best Tarzan yell!  You could also make binoculars and go on a search for gorillas in your backyard.  Here’s a somewhat-involved tutorial, but you could also just use toilet paper tubes, duct tape, and yarn.

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